Lab equipment

9.4 T Varian vertical bore MRI with small animal holder, anesthesia, and animal monitoring systems
9.4T MRI

Tissue culture room with biosafety cabinet
TC room

Shared core room with -80ºC freezers, BioRad ChemiDoc imaging system, cryostat, microplate reader, Malvern DLS, lyophilizer, Milli-Q water system, dishwasher, autoclave
Shared resource room 1    Shared resource room 2    Cryostat

Zeiss LSM510 confocal microscope

Animal behavioral equipment (Barnes maze, Morris water maze, open field, elevated plus) and analysis software (EthoVision)
Barnes Maze

Walk-in cooler

Available user facilities

Biomedical Obesity Research Core - Molecular and Cellular Biology, Metabolic Studies, Animal Behavior Research, Small Animal Imaging, Biostatistics and Computational Services

Animal facility - Animal husbandry, surgical supplies and support, breeding services, small animal imaging

Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience - Nanomaterials fabrication and characterizations

Center for Biotechnology - Electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, flow cytometers, cryostats, genomics, bioinformatics

Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine - Small animal imaging services, nanomaterial characterizations